iFynder iOS App

Do you know the location of your family any given time? iFynder is an easy to use,
intuitive app that provides an accurate location of your family and friends in near real-time.

Communicate and Locate in Real Time

Are you trying to get together with family or friends but frustrated with coordinating where to meet? iFynder is the simple to use app that lets you to communicate with and locate people.

Keep Track and Stay Connected

Parents can have peace of mind, knowing where their children are. iFynder can alert you if your child is in a location that is not part of his or her usual routine. iFynder stores historical location data on a secure cloud server that can be accessed using a mobile device or a computer.

Use The Smarter Locator App

Conventional locator apps allow tracking of your family’s Apple devices only if they are associated with the same Apple or iTunes ID. iFynder’s superior technology takes it a step further by providing the location of the authorized Apple devices within a few feet using Wi-Fi enhanced accuracy.

Create an iFynd Them Community

iFynder allow you to build a community of friends and family where you can find them, and they can find you – all in real time. iFynder allows you to share your location via social media.

Parents can have peace of mind, knowing that their children are safe at school.
If the apple device provides a location that is not in the regular weekly pattern,
iFynder will alert the parent to any anomalies or unusual locations not found in prior historical data.

Location data is stored on a secure cloud and can be accessed using a mobile device or a computer.
The app provides functionality to alert parents, guardians and law enforcement agencies in the event of an emergency.

So what are you waiting for?

Just download the application,
join the friends circle and instantly see everyone in your private circle on the map.

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For all feedback, please send to - info@ifynder.com